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We're digital natives is a 22 years old independent digital agency, building various projects over the years with always the same passion: creating awesome universes. We have worked with a lot of different clients and our priority is to make people happy with our work.

Our story

All organisations are confronted with an acceleration of disruptive technologies (and the opportunities they bring) and ever increasing financial and customer/member pressures, challenging their leaders to 'change' and at the same time stay 'on top of things'.

We do this by enabling organisations transform the way they work, collaborate and engage with them, utilising the latest digital solutions at a cost that is affordable to them.

As we work for many different sizes and types of organisations (company, NGO, association, federation, trade organisation, public institution). This can be a 1 person operation or hundreds of people spread across multiple offices in multiple countries.

Our leadership team

Digi-work would not be able to offer this level of personalisation without its expert and close-knit team. Their experience and creative eyes develop flexible and integrated solutions, combining all our specific technical skills and experience.

Digi-work consists of a team of software development experts and web specialists. We have established close collaborations to form even stronger and more complementary teams.
Building long-lasting partnerships is a strength.

Thomas Huret

Founder + CTO

20+ years experience in software architecture and enterprise IT

Jean Verschure

Founder + CEO

25+ years of experience in ICT, digitisation and digital transformation (DX)

Pierre Toussaint

Founder + CFO

20+ years experience in ICT and company management

Our values

Our values define who we are, how we make a
difference for our clients and what we do to achieve our vision.

Icon value diversity

Nurture an open mindset

An openness to change is one of the core attributes of all our team. We recognise and accept the need for change. We are alert in order to question what we see and how we do things. We do this with optimism, adaptability and curiosity.

Icon value holistic approach

Continuous learning and improvement

In over 20 years, we have seen several fundamental changes to how organisations work – and why. We learn from each experience and apply the learnings.

Icon value integrity

Stay agile, stay hungry

We believe in an agile approach: try and learn from each other, develop what works and grow together. This allows us to focus our shared ambition and move forward.

Icon value learning

Creative design, bold ideas

Big challenges are rarely met with timid responses. For an idea to be effective, it must be built on bold but solid ideas. These can often be unexpected but make perfect sense when examined with fresh eyes. When combined with creative design, the results can be impressive.

Icon value success

Integrity and trust

We must earn your trust every day. The nature of our work requires total independence on our part and strict respect of confidentiality.

Trust is knowing that...

  • We will work together with you every step of the way
  • We take the time to understand who you are, your business, your needs, how you work and what you want to achieve
  • We are totally independent from any of the technology providers and platforms we recommend and implement.
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Why work with us ?

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Holistic approach

The bigger picture is where all our eyes are set. The goal is to create meaningful change. In an increasingly complex and networked world everything is linked. Meaningful change can only be impactful if all connections are taken into consideration.

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“Can do” approach

Taking the plunge with a new approach is never easy. We get that. But as soon as the step is taken, new energies are released.

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We deliver

Reality is not a best-case scenario, it’s chaotic and messy. It needs persistence and resilience. It also requires the sharing of experience, frequent contact, an open dialogue, and an exchange of viewpoints that produce trust and mutual understanding.

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