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Integrating your data flows and centralising your
data management helps companies to succeed.

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Integrate all of your data streams to boost effectiveness.

Your data streams are the lifeblood of your organization. Use them to improve your business intelligence and workflows. Connect and magnify platforms such as ERP, PIM, DAM, CRM and other legacy systems. Squeeze the most value from your digital ecosystem.

To successfully update your system, keep what is necessary and integrate it with a more modern approach.

You already use digital tools such as CRM, accounting systems, special applications, SAP, Salesforce, Restomax, Popsy or Winbooks. These in turn use external data sources.

Centralise your data management for greater effectiveness

Over the years, Digi-work has integrated a great number of systems across entire organizations. This requires an understanding of the existing framework and a vision for the future.

The right technology

When you think technology, think long-term strategy. Our experience can help you find pragmatic, cost-efficient and independent solutions.

Scalability as a strategy

Future growth is important. How will things be run in 10 years? To allow for scalability, be ready to scale by choosing products that allow it.

Continuous integration

This strategic choice means that continuous integration is possible, without unwanted disruption or downtime. Automated deployment flows and tests enable your platform to be improved incrementally.


To detect problems in live environments before they occur, proactive monitoring, quota alerts and extensive logging ensure that debugging can be done quickly and efficiently. Our experience and dedicated teams ensure a fast response and proactive maintenance for both applications and infrastructure.

What does it take to have existing platforms and APIs talking to each other? Ask us now!

Smart, easy-to-use applications improve business operations and can save time and money.
Your data flows more smoothly, members are more engaged and data links enable detailed business intelligence.

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Integrate all of your data streams to boost effectiveness.

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