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Copywriting: words that work

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The best copywriting is almost invisible. People don’t notice that they are being guided smoothly from one page to another. Users should go from your company or brand story down to the sign-up messages almost effortlessly.

Brand stories

Each organisation has a story to tell. In addition, the copywriting must blend this story into every line of copy, reinforcing the organisation’s overall position.

Persuade and activate 

Each audience is spoken to in the language and tone it needs. They get the information they are looking for – and then act on it. A unity of tone is created online and offline, right down to the calls-to-action on your website. The combination of catchy and micro-copywriting is used to persuade and activate visitors.

SEO copywriting 

Copywriting is still a significant element of SEO optimisation. Your copywriting will integrate all the content and technical requirements in order to boost the impact of your SEO tactics.

Social media

Copywriting for social media requires short and powerful messages that your target group can relate to. The copy and images play off each other for the most impact.

Ads and email

The copy on your online and offline advertisements should command attention and interest. Once hooked, the visitors should then be guided towards your desired result, whether that be signing up to a newsletter, downloading a white paper or making a purchase. Long-form content such as blogs or case studies should provide enough information to interest and impress readers.

Copy for chatbots

More and more, users find themselves talking to apps to do what they need to do. The resulting answers must be carefully written to be perfectly clear and ensure the best user experience.

Jean Verschure

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