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Excellence in SEO: the art of getting noticed

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The concept is simple: better rankings in Google (notably) lead to more leads. So no online strategy is complete without SEO planning.

Dealing with changing SEO

Although Google’s search algorithms remain a secret, the fundamental principle remains the same: providing a great user experience to visitors for specific keywords.

These days, a major part of the work involves local and individual searches. Most searches are mobile and the number of spoken searches is growing exponentially.

Best practice is to share as much information concerning performance between the SEO or technical teams and marketing or content teams.

SEO audit

An important step for ranking is to carry out an SEO audit. Check all the content and technical aspects of your content to start with, then examine the external factors that influence your ranking.

Technical SEO

Although organisations are getting better at managing content and structure for SEO, a lot of technical issues have an impact on ranking in the search results. Our SEO team works closely with the web developers to optimize the results.

SEO copywriting

Google repeatedly maintains that SEO is built on good content: texts that answer the issues that visitors are considering. Multilingual copywriters provide customised copy based on your input and relevant keyword research combined with their inherent writing skills.

SEO tools

To keep abreast of fast-moving results, we use tools such as SEMrush, Google Search Console and more. In addition, optimisations for voice searches or mobile users can also show very strong results.

Jean Verschure

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